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Popularization of the blockchain and open source software irreversibly changes the world. New financial and information technologies have appeared, allowing a person to more fully and more efficiently manage their abilities, time and resources. Banks are no longer needed to transfer and accumulate funds, television or newspapers are not needed to broadcast their thoughts, to contact any person in the world, the telephone number of the national telecom operator is not necessary, and to organize a community you don’t need to search for premises and ask permission from the authorities. Suddenly it turned out that linking a person to a separate geographically located state takes away more opportunities than it gives them.

   Even in highly developed countries of the modern world, citizens often live by laws or rules that do not support. States deduct a significant portion of their funds from their citizens through taxes, duties and excise taxes, as well as by devaluing national currencies, sending citizens to wars. It is assumed that in return the population receives some services (police, health care, education). That’s just people have no opportunity not to pay if the service did not suit them or not needed. And even in the case when funds from taxes are used to improve the welfare of citizens, the costs of maintaining the bureaucratic apparatus remain very significant.

   The explosive development of electronics and information technology has led to the emergence of monopoly megacorporations that produce software, sell domain names and provide information retrieval. User data is used at the discretion of companies, and the interests of small customers are sometimes not taken into account at all. In fact, these are commercial states that also have problems with citizens-customers.

   An increasing number of progressive people are seeking and finding ways to free a person from the state and private monopolies. A person is born free and can not be a debtor of the country only because of citizenship. Payment for any services is possible only on a voluntary basis, in any convenient form and in the presence of absolutely free competition. No one has the right to dictate to a person what information resources to use, what currency to pay for and how much money to give for services and goods.

   This resource contains materials that will allow you to be freer in the choice of cryptocurrency, services or software. FreeWorld — for those who seek freedom and want to make the world a better place.

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