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Basic income

   Universal Basic Income (UBI) is a concept that involves a royalty-free regular payment of a certain amount of funds to members of a certain community or state. Thus, the individual will receive a certain amount of money simply by the fact of belonging to a group or his citizenship.

   Suppose you are a citizen of a certain state that has a large number of natural resources that it successfully sells. Of the proceeds, you are regularly paid some amount of money for which you do not have to work out and can spend it at your discretion. In an ideal UBI model, they should be enough for living. In this way, you will have more time for creativity, your favorite activity, and so on. Presumably, this could lead to a decrease in the number of crimes, since banditry is not a safe occupation.

   In general, the experiment on the introduction of UBI has already been conducted by more than a dozen countries. A pattern is noticeable: the more developed a society, the more successful the experiment.


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