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At the beginning of 2009, a revolutionary innovation appeared in the world — the Bitcoin payment system developed by the enthusiast Satoshi Nakamoto (or a group of enthusiasts) made it possible to complete transactions between network participants without using the banking system or external central servers. That was the appearance of the first cryptocurrency.

   For a long time, the idea of decentralized payments and the use of Bitcoin was a matter of a small number of enthusiasts who were considered freaks in wide circles, however, interest in the topic gradually increased and, over time, a whole range of cryptocurrency systems with different properties and functions was launched. With the development of the blockchain technology, the demand for cryptocurrencies «sharpened» for certain functions has arisen. For example, Ethereum allows you to create full-fledged smart contracts, and Monero allows you to realize a high level of anonymity of payments. sometimes the launch of some new cryptocurrency was just a joke (Dogecoin), and sometimes the creators just wanted to get rich on the release of the new cryptomonet.

   Of course, human nature has taken its toll — a significant part of cryptocurrency transactions are stock market speculations, pursuing the goal of banal enrichment. But the true meaning of cryptocurrency lies in the freedom from any restrictions, government supervision and the absence of unnecessary financial expenses.

   In fact, none of the states has ever acted entirely in the interests of the people, since some of the resources are inevitably spent on preserving the existing system, otherwise the officials will simply have nowhere to work. In addition, banks operating in the country, as a rule, have a good lobby in the government, which allows you to restrict competition in the national financial services market. As a result, citizens are offered loans at insane interest rates, while savings accumulated on a bank account grow more slowly than inflation consumes. And if you want to open a commercial account, then its maintenance per month will cost a lot of money, because there is no full-fledged competition.

   Modern cryptocurrency mechanisms allow you to tear off the state and banks from a free-person wallet, to whom they simply cease to be needed. Therefore, government agencies and the global financial system are trying to complicate the use of cryptocurrencies by regulating or even banning them in some countries. But if you think about it, it becomes clear that the state has no right to regulate, prohibit or tax a currency that it does not issue.

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