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If you are a writer and want to publish a book, you will need the services of a publisher. Paper books were created about 2000 years ago. The development of technology has abruptly halted their production, although the majority of people did not consider it possible until 10 years ago. The famous British Encyclopedia, which was published almost 300 years ago, is now published only in electronic form.  Thus, a modern publishing house is a structure that allows to publish electronic books. There are a lot of publishers that allow us to do it for fiat currency, within the framework of this resource, we are not interested in them.   The person who types these words has experience of interaction with publishing houses.    At best, it looks like this: you send to the publisher the text of your book, which you correct yourself in a special shell in electronic format and the cover, which you made yourself. Of course, the publisher will take a significant percentage of the sales price. After a long moderation, you are informed that the book is published. And this is true, but readers do not see it, because for the promotion of the book requires advertising. Determine how much the potential reader will be ready to buy your creation is difficult. Thus, investing your work and money in the book you are selling, you risk not to get the return from your work, and leave at a loss. Even if your book is excellent, readers may never know about it.   There are two variants of perspective modern publication: realization of the book for cryptocurrency or receiving profit for placing advertising links in the book, and also receiving donations to the writer’s account from readers.

"Crypto Book" Publishing House

«Crypto Book» is a small private publishing house that publishes books in Russian and operates on a free distribution model. Books in epub format, without DRM, are distributed free of charge through various file-sharing services, including decentralized ones. The book can be read on almost all modern devices, often even without additional software. Thus your book for some days will be downloaded and read by tens of people, some of whom will use advertising links that are located in the book or will make a donation to your wallet or card account, which will be specified there.

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